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I have the following array


Now i want to count all the $_POST[x][type]. How to do that?

(If i would reverse the multidimensional array, it would work i guess like this:)

$count = count($_POST['type']);

how can i count the "type" in the original structure?

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$type_count = 0;
foreach($arr as $v) {
    if(array_key_exists('type', $v)) $type_count++;
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In your case, this works:

$count = call_user_func_array('array_merge_recursive', $_POST);

echo count($count['name']); # 2
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$count = 0;
foreach ($_POST as $value) {
   if (isset($value['type']) {
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PHP5.3 style

$count = array_reduce (
    function ($sum, $current) {
        return $sum + ((int) array_key_exists('type', $current));
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And using set operations:

$key = 'type';
$tmp = array_map($_POST, function($val) use ($key) {return isset($val[$key]);});
$count = array_reduce($tmp, function($a, $b) { return $a + $b; }, 0);

So you could reduce that down an array_filter:

$key = 'type';
$count = count(array_filter($_POST, function($val) use ($key) { return isset($val[$key]);}));
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