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When I try to convert a video to flv using PHPVideoToolkit I get the following errors(output of the getErrors() method):

    [0] => PHPVideoToolkit Error: Execute error. Output for file "" was not found. Please check server write permissions and/or available codecs compiled with FFmpeg. You can check the encode decode availability by inspecting the output array from PHPVideoToolkit::getFFmpegInfo().
    [1] => PHPVideoToolkit Error: Input file "/home/nik/video1.mp4" does not exist

PHPVideoToolkit::getFFmpegInfo() contains flv format.

I tested ffmpeg from command line and it works. I set permissions for both input and output directory and files to 777 but still getting the same errors.

What's wrong?

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For what may be a temporary fix, see – htoip Mar 19 '12 at 14:47

Well one part of this says that the file you are trying to input doesn't exist. Secondly, it appears the output filename is an empty string.

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