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I'm a happy user of CodeCharge Studio but sadly it's the only reason to have a virtual machine with parallels, everybody here use a Mac. Does anyone know some other tool that generates PHP code and runs under OS X?

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None that would be as good Code Charge Studio.

I run vmware fusion on my macs just for Code Charge Studio, and it's worth it to me until YesSoftware creates a mac version, hint hint. I'd love to have it run nativity on my mac!!!

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According to it's website, ScriptCase is usable through a web-browser.

The APEEL PHP Generator site has done some comparisons of other PHP Code Generators:

The reviews are pretty fair and cover costs, installation and some comments about generated code structure. Most of them, however, are Windows only.

Having said that, I also use CodeCharge Studio in VMWare on my Mac and am very happy with it in comparison to other tools. I work in both .NET and PHP projects and so the single tool for both (and switching between languages) is fantastic.

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