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Ok relevant HTML:

<div rel="" id="CartridgeDisplays" class="category section ">
    <h3 class="categoryTitle parent">Cartridge Displays</h3>                

<div rel="" id="ColdCastBronzeresinFigurines" class="category section ">
    <h3 class="categoryTitle">Cold Cast Bronze resin Figurines</h3>             

<div rel="CartridgeDisplays" id="Collectableitems" class="category section child">
    <h3 class="categoryTitle">Collectable items</h3>                

<div rel="CartridgeDisplays" id="CommercialDisplaysandClocks" class="category section child">
    <h3 class="categoryTitle">Commercial Displays and Clocks</h3>               

And this jQuery:

<script type="text/javascript">
        $('.child').appendTo($('# + $(this).attr('rel') + '));

So what i want to happen is on page load, is all the DIV's with a class of 'child' to be appended to the DIV that has the same id as the class:child DIV's rel attribute. Can anyone help with this?

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The names you use for IDs might need some .. emm .. work. Actually the whole thing looks semantically broken. – tereško Oct 10 '11 at 21:27
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Your string concatenation is wrong. It should be: '#' + $(this).attr('rel'). And you'll need to put it in a call to .each().

$('.child').each(function() {
    $(this).appendTo('#' + $(this).attr('rel'));

Explanation: in your code, $(this) refers to the document. In order to refer to the .child div, you need to iterate through them.

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