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I've been trying to grab event pictures for a few days now, with no luck. I'm making a normal request just like all the other event elements:

Here's a non-functioning example (in explorer):

However parent, attending, declined, all work..

Thank you!

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works for me, try in the browser, I suspect explorer doesn't support pictures out of the box – Anatoly Lubarsky Oct 11 '11 at 1:47
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I've had the same problem as you have.

After some looking into it, I found the solution.


You can choose small, normal, large or square as type.

You can call this as a separate api call,

$event = $facebook->api('/'.$event['id']);

$picture = $facebook->api('/'.$event['id'].'?fields=picture&type=large');
$picture = $picture['picture'];

echo '<img src="'.$picture.'">';
echo $event['name'];

echo $event['end_time']; // will work, no need to call

or call for other fields at the same time. But then you'll have to define every field you want to call.

$event = $facebook->api('/'.$event['id'].'?fields=name,start_time,picture&type=large');

echo '<img src="'.$event['picture'].'">';
echo $event['name'];

echo $event['end_time']; // will not work, end_time hasn't been called
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