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First off, I'm new to WPF and C# so maybe the issue I have is really easy to fix. But I'm kinda stuck at the moment.

Let me explain my problem.

I have a WPF Window and two usercontrols (Controls and ContentDisplayer).

The usercontrol Controls, wich contains some buttons, is added in the XAML of the Window. Nothing special here.



Now, what I want to do is when a user is pressing a button in Controls, ContentDisplayer needs to be added to the Scatterview I have in my Window.

I solved the problem by adding the buttons to the Window, and not using the usercontrol Controls. But this is not what I want.


private static void Button_ContactChanged(object sender, ContactEventArgs e)
      object ob = Application.LoadComponent(new Uri(

    //Set a unique name to the UserControl
      string name = String.Format("userControl{0}",
      UserControl userControl = ob as UserControl;
      userControl.Name = name;

    //Add the new control to the Scatterview
      SurfaceWindow1_Scatterview.RegisterName(name, userControl);

So the real question is: How do I add a usercontrol to the Window by pressing a button in an other usercontrol?



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Google ranks this question high, but there's no accepted answer.

Try the answer to this similar question.

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At the top of the window xaml add


where you these exist already, you can choose the namespace of your control from the intellesence list.

Then where you want to place the control type:

<d:yourusercontrolhere params />

and your usercontrols can be added there.

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Within Controls expose an event that is fired when you want to add a new control.

public event EventHandler AddControl;

private void RaiseAddControl()
	if (AddControl!= null)
		AddControl(this, EventArgs.Empty);

Now sink that event in your Window

yourControl.AddControl += ContactChanged
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In your window, it sounds like you need to add the event to the instances of Controls.

  <nv:Controls AddControl="ContactChanged"/>

Then in your ContactChanged event handler you can instantiate a new Controls control and add it to whatever collection you're using like in your Button_ContactChanged event handler above.

Let me know if you need further clarification.

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I have no idea what you are trying to do your example,

So you have a control defined thus:

public partial class somecontrolname : UserControl

With your corresponding Xaml file

All you need to do to add it in code to your window is firstly you need a LayoutRoot such as Grid control in the window then just

[mylayoutcontrol].Children.Add(new somecontrolname());

Maybe I got wrong idea what you are trying to do, your example code doesn't make much sense to me, looks like you are trying to load the xaml source file

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