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I have two TextViews in a LinearLayout. I set a negative padding on the lower one to bump it up (using TextView.setPadding). On both of them I did setBackgroundColor(android.R.color.transparent), hoping this would let them show through each other.

The result:


I'd like the 'f' in 'fun' to show up completely - I don't mind if the text actually overlaps. I don't know if the TextView is clipping it or if the upper TextView is covering it up or both.

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Set the TextView android:background="#00000000" That will give your TextView a transparent background. The #00000000 is a hexadecimal color in the order of Alpha, Red, Blue, Green. Like so:


Also - I think its the padding, and not the other text field that is clipping. Try using a negative android:layout_marginTop instead.

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Yep, using a margin instead of padding did the trick. Thanks! –  hamboy Oct 10 '11 at 22:46

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