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Does anyone know of a free online tool that can crawl any given website and return just the Meta Keywords and Meta Description information?

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Assuming you have access to Linux/Unix:

mkdir temp
cd temp

Then, for keywords:

egrep -r -h 'meta[^>]+name="keywords' * | sed 's/^.*content="\([^"]*\)".*$/\1/g'

and for descriptions:

egrep -r -h 'meta[^>]+name="description' * | sed 's/^.*content="\([^"]*\)".*$/\1/g'

If you want all the unique keywords, try:

egrep -r -h 'meta[^>]+name="keywords' * | sed 's/^.*content="\([^"]*\)".*$/\1/g' | sed 's/\s*,\s*/\n/g' | sort | uniq

I'm sure there's a one-liner or program out there that does this exact thing, and there are definitely easier answers.

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To retrive all meta information try this tool Meta Tags Analyzer

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