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Any ideas how to solve a query problem like “give me names of all the foo:Group objects that my friends have a foo:Join action on”? (foo:Group and foo:Join are an open graph object and an action, respectively.)

Might it be possible to do some simple traversal like GET fb./me/friends/foo:Join/groups?fields=name?

I was also noticing that FQL wouldn't recognize open graph actions, so right now I'm not coming up with any other option than to query each friend separately — or in batches of 20 — which makes the job practically unfeasible.

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I would love to see an FQL or Graph API solution in addition to the "build your own" answer which applies to nearly every question on SO. :( – David Harkness Feb 7 '12 at 21:27
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Store the actions on your end whenever the user joins a group and then do the join yourself.

Alternatively, you can get /me/friends and then query every friend's /<id>/foo:Join/groups. You can use the batch API to help speed this up.

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