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I am trying to run the sample Microsoft Media Platform plugins on the xbox (MMPPF.Addons).

I am able to compile the project in visual studion 2010 and deploy it to the xbox (I have a xbox debug box that supports lakeview platform.). I am able to run the application by double clicking "default.xex" in "Xbox neighborhood" or clicking "start without debugging" in visual studio.

However, I am unable to debug it by clicking "start with debugging". I got an error message saying "Unable to start program 'devkit:\MMPPF.Addons.Xbox\Debug\default.xex'".

I have installed the following software.

  • visual studio sp1
  • xdk 20871.1
  • adk
  • flash 14448.0
  • silverLight 4 I also have the xbox connected to both the internet and my computer.

Could anyone tell me what is missing?

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Where did you download xdk 20871.1? –  Mr Bell Apr 30 '12 at 18:09

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Finally figured out why. There seems to be something wrong with the debugger. I switched to the xbox native debugger and it worked. What I did was in the project property, debugger, pick the "xbox360 debugger" instead of the "xbox360 managed debugger".

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