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I am using jruby to run bunch of ruby scripts, though I am using pure ruby part of it.

It sometimes gets difficult to follow from output what exactly is happening or where exactly something went wrong.

I wanted to get something like this in my std out for every method: entered in method A out of method A

Now I can surely go and put those comments in every method ..which feels very wrong. Is there a way to run ruby in a little verbose more to get this information in my log. Hopefully I would avoid using a lot of gems etc .. since these are on some managed servers and I will have to spend some time to just get more s/f on it. Hoping something would be avail as part of jruby itself


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You could use this code:

module InOutHook
  module ClassMethods
    def setup_hooks(*syms)
      syms.each do |sym| # For each symbol
        str_id = "__#{sym}__hooked__"
        unless private_instance_methods.include?(str_id)
          alias_method str_id, sym        # Backup original method
          private str_id                  # Make backup private
          define_method sym do |*args|    # Replace method
            puts ">>> #{self.class}\##{sym} >>>"
            ret = __send__ str_id, *args  # Invoke backup
            puts "<<< #{self.class}\##{sym} >>>"
  def InOutHook.included(base)

class TestClass
  def test1
    puts "test!"
  def test2(v)
    puts "Value is #{v}"
  include InOutHook
  setup_hooks(:test1, :test2)

# works on existing classes too:
class Array
  include InOutHook

tc =

ary = [1,2,3]
puts ary[1..2]

In case you want to add a hoot to every method, just add a splat asterisk:

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thnx !. Is there a way to get all the methods in a class instead of listing them. I tried using setup_hooks([].methods.grep /^re/) .. but ended up with : TypeError: ["reject", "reverse!", "reverse_each", "reverse", "replace", "reject!", "reduce", "respond_to?"] is not a string – codeObserver Oct 11 '11 at 18:09
You only have to add a leading splat asterisk, see my edit above (it also works when your regex). – p4010 Oct 12 '11 at 6:31

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