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I am frequently getting below error when I do the 'play dependencies'.

I am using play 1.2.2 and morphia 1.2.3d It is able to resolve morphia dependency, but throwing below error.

~ *****************************************************************************
~ WARNING: These dependencies are missing, your application may not work properl
y (use --verbose for details),
~       play->play 1.2
~ *****************************************************************************
~ Some dependencies are still missing.

When I add the line 'play->play 1.2' to conf/dependencies.yml file, it shows another error :


:: problems summary ::
            module not found: play#play;1.2

    ==== playCore: tried



            ::          UNRESOLVED DEPENDENCIES         ::


            :: play#play;1.2: not found


            playCore: unacceptable revision => was=1.2.2 required=1.2

Does this mean that , the higher versions of PLAY not downward compatible ?

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Could you add the content of your dependencies file. – emt14 Oct 11 '11 at 8:57

Don't specify which version of play to use :

Your dependencies.yml :

# Application dependencies

    - play
    - morphia 1.2.3d
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As almost every application, Play is using Semantic Versioning syntax for their version number. Checkout the SemVer website for more information.

So an upgrade from 1.2 to 1.2.2 should not be dangerous. It is simply displaying a message saying that since the moduel was expplicitly tested for version 1.2 and no versions above. Meaning issues could appear.

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    - play -> morphia [1.2.4,)

I have no idea what this wonky syntax does, other than that it works.

I wish there were an explanation somewhere of what the syntax is for the dependencies.yml file. I found that when I just used 1.2.4 without the [,) it didn't work.

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