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I have HTML-Source string saved in SQL Server table called "Report" in HTMLReport field (field type is NTEXT). Now I need to display that stored HTML into WPF Window. HTML tags and inline-CSS need to be interpreted on this WPF Window.

Can someone help me to complete this code?


  <Window x:Class="MyProject.HTMLView"
    Title="HTML View" Height="454" Width="787"
  <Grid Name="grid1">

    <wf:RichTextBox x:Name="reportHTML" Text="{Binding DisplayHTML, Mode=OneWay}"/>

       <!-- How do i bind dispaly HTML page here-->



  namespace MyProject
    public class HTMLViewModel: ViewModelBase
      public HTMLViewModel()
            //Reading from SQL Server table 
            //SELECT HTMLReport FROM Report WHERE ID=123
            //OK, I have HTMLString from database over here
            //Now I am assigning that to DisplayHTML Property

           DisplayHTML ="<table><tr><td><b>This text should be in table with bold fond </b></td></tr></table>";

      private string _displayHTML;
      public string DisplayHTML
            return _displayHTML;

            if (_displayHTML!= value)
                _displayHTML= value;
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You'll probably want to use a WPF RichTextBox instead of the Winforms one. Note that its Document property is of type FlowDocument. Since you have HTML, you will need a way to convert HTML to a FlowDocument. This question and answer describe a way to do the conversion.

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Have a look at this project

A very nice way of handling the display of Html in Xaml.

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