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It's my first time using SQL Server Profiler and I'm wondering how can i turn off event lines from the application "Report Server" on my SQL Server Profiler? I just want certain activities to be logged like ones from LINQPad and Entity Framework.

Thanks for the help!

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If I am understanding your question correctly, you basically want to create a filter on the specified column within SQL Server Profiler.

When you go inside profiler and you are selecting your events, there is a button in the bottom right corner that is called "Column Filters...". Click on that, and you can create a LIKE/NOT LIKE filter on ApplicationName, or any column you so desire to filter based on.

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wow, I've been stumped on this for a long time.. thanks for this one! I'd upvote this but I only have 10 rep so far.. – Jan Carlo Viray Oct 11 '11 at 3:39

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