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I was referring a site called "joys of programming" for JSON Parser in C. The site seems down and I am not able to get information regarding JSON parser. It would be great if some one can guide me. I want to know how to create a JSON Array.Thanks in advance.

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If you want to make you own json parser, you have to look at the language grammar, which is probably LL. Writing such a LL parser is almost trivial and kind of funny, use a regex library to save a precious time.

If you're looking for a library to deal with Json data, here is the second result Google gave me.

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I have used Jansson library and can vote for it. readable source code if needed (i modified it a bit for my needs), good documentation, easy licencing and its maintainable (frequent releases). –  Ilya Oct 11 '11 at 8:35

I found several lib could do this work. Jsoncpp, JsonValue, cppCMS, JsonSpirit and Jansson. The jsonvalue is the easiest one. It just contains a pair of .h file and .cpp file.

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