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The response I receive from the server is formatted as such:

        "Key": "Value"
    "Key": "Value"

However, I am only interested in the elements under "Data". Here is the code I'm currently using:

SBJsonParser *parser = [SBJsonParser new]; 
NSString *responseString = [request responseString];
NSDictionary *responseData = [parser objectWithString:responseString];
NSString *infoString = [responseData objectForKey:@"Data"];
NSDictionary *infoData = [parser objectWithString:infoString];

Is there a way to perform the same thing without explicitly declaring 5 objects? Just looking for some sense of short-hand that I should be using.

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Your last two lines are wrong - "Data" is actually an NSDictionary, so you don't need to double parse it.

Also, most objective-C programmers would nest calls where they know that the returns are safe - by which I mean don't need additional checking. For instance, this would see a more natural implementation to me:

NSDictionary *responseDictionary = [[request responseString] JSONValue];
NSDictionary *infoData = [responseDictionary objectForKey:@"Data"];

Note that I am using the convenience method JSONValue from the category on NSObject that comes with SBJSON.

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