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I have a text field, which contains the default text 'abc'. When I write something inside this field or the cursor is inside this field then the default text disappears. The underlying HTML tag for this field is:

<div id="InputDefault" class="defaultText" style="visibility: visible;">abc</div>

Now, manually everything works fine. I am writing a test-case in Selenium to check if the default text appears once the field is empty. But in the test-case, it somtimes works and more often it fails. I have written the following function:

#I first delete the text in the field (I have used a text element)/ first delete the text in the field (I have used a text element).["search_field_header"], "")
#Then I focus on the field."headerParam", "")
    #Then I focus on the field"headerParam",0)
    #Press the TAB key to move focus away from the search field to get default text."9")
    is_footer_default_text_present = self.is_element_available("InputDefault")

But this is somehow not working. What is the problem and is there a better/robust solution?

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Use selenium.is_visible(locator). If it doesn't work then use selenium.is_text_present(value) or if (Expectedvalue == selobj.get_value(parameter)).

If it still doesn't work, refresh the page and try the above.

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