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For a long time I am looking for an answer to how to make the fluid height in jqGrid, but I still have not found it.

So, I need fluid height.

I know how to make fluid width:

gridId = "grid";

gridParentWidth = $('#gbox_' + gridId).parent().width();
$('#' + gridId).jqGrid('setGridWidth',gridParentWidth);

I tried with

gridParentHeight = $('#gbox_' + gridId).parent().height();
$('#' + gridId).jqGrid('setGridHeight',gridParentHeight);

but that is not working.

Is there a solution?

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I personally prefer just to use height:'auto'. If you need have the pager always visible you can consider to use toppager (see here for example). It the way you would have not the same behavior as you described, but another one having the same user experience. –  Oleg Oct 11 '11 at 7:39

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I found a solution for my problem. Here is the code (works in Firefox):

winHeight = window.innerHeight;
wHeight = winHeight - 90;


    gridId = "grid";
    gridWidth = $('#gbox_' + gridId).parent().width();

    $('#' + gridId).jqGrid('setGridWidth',gridWidth);
    if(wHeight < 110){  //Height of five rows in grid is 110 pixels.
        wHeight = 110;
        $('#'+ gridId).jqGrid('setGridHeight',wHeight);
    else {
        $('#'+ gridId).jqGrid('setGridHeight',wHeight);
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