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It can't be done in the AppInventor, yeah? Just want to make sure before i go off learning all about Java Programming. Thanks

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Well, given this link, it sounds like Bluetooth is possible via AppInventor;


I havent used AppInventor but if you dont have Java knowledge and arent desperate to learn how to program I think it would be worth trying it, especially if you are keen to get your app built sooner rather than later.

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Bear in mind that the implemented BT capability in AppInventor might be quite limited.

some more resources:



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Thanks a lot for your responses, dan m, they helped. – Rokky100 Oct 11 '11 at 20:17

AppInventor isn't capable of doing such things. AppInventor isnt developed anymore so i think it will never be able to do such things aswell.

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Android development is not restricted to be done in Eclipse. You can program in other IDE's or even from command line.

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