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I'm hosting a WCF service in IIS 7.5. The service has one endpoint with webHttpBinding, and one endpoint with netTcpBinding. How can I limit access to the nettcp endpoint, so that only local clients (clients running on the same machine) has access? Is it enough to just set the base address to localhost-something?

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Will suggest to use NetNamedPipeBinding which is meant for on-machine communication only.

Regarding limiting access to tcp binding, I guess you can use IDispatchMessageInspector to limit the access. For example, see this code-project article that has use it for IP Address based filtering - configuring it for local IP ( should get exactly what you wanted.

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Ah, forgot about that binding. Thank you for the example code, it might come in handy, since I might want to give remote clients access in the future. – Joel Oct 11 '11 at 9:06

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