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I need to identify elements from which events are fired.

Using gets the respective element.

What properties can I use from there?

  • href
  • id
  • nodeName

I cannot find a whole lot of info on it, even on the jQuery pages, so here is to hoping someone can complete the above list.


These may be helpful: selfHTML node properties and selfHTML HTML properties

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up vote 16 down vote accepted returns the DOM element, so you can retrieve any property/ attribute that has a value; so, to answer your question more specifically, you will always be able to retrieve nodeName, and you can retrieve href and id, provided the element has a href and id defined; otherwise undefined will be returned.

However, inside an event handler, you can use this, which is set to the DOM element as well; much easier.

$('foo').bind('click', function () {
    // inside here, `this` will refer to the foo that was clicked
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ah. thanks! I'm putting up to links, which show the available properties. – frequent Oct 11 '11 at 8:35
will "this" refer to "foo" or ""? If I'm listening to scrollStart on document and scrollStart is triggered on a H1 element, how can I grab H1? – frequent Oct 11 '11 at 8:43
THIS did it. Thx. – frequent Oct 11 '11 at 9:10

If yo were to inspect the with firebug or chrome's developer tools you would see for a span element (by example the following properties) it will have whatever properties any element has. it depends what the target element is: HTMLSpanElement

attributes: NamedNodeMap
baseURI: "file:///C:/Test.html"
childElementCount: 0
childNodes: NodeList[1]
children: HTMLCollection[0]
classList: DOMTokenList
className: ""
clientHeight: 36
clientLeft: 1
clientTop: 1
clientWidth: 1443
contentEditable: "inherit"
dataset: DOMStringMap
dir: ""
draggable: false
firstChild: Text
firstElementChild: null
hidden: false
id: ""
innerHTML: "click"
innerText: "click"
isContentEditable: false
lang: ""
lastChild: Text
lastElementChild: null
localName: "span"
namespaceURI: ""
nextElementSibling: null
nextSibling: null
nodeName: "SPAN"
nodeType: 1
nodeValue: null
offsetHeight: 38
offsetLeft: 26
offsetParent: HTMLBodyElement
offsetTop: 62
offsetWidth: 1445
onabort: null
onbeforecopy: null
onbeforecut: null
onbeforepaste: null
onblur: null
onchange: null
onclick: null
oncontextmenu: null
oncopy: null
oncut: null
ondblclick: null
ondrag: null
ondragend: null
ondragenter: null
ondragleave: null
ondragover: null
ondragstart: null
ondrop: null
onerror: null
onfocus: null
oninput: null
oninvalid: null
onkeydown: null
onkeypress: null
onkeyup: null
onload: null
onmousedown: null
onmousemove: null
onmouseout: null
onmouseover: null
onmouseup: null
onmousewheel: null
onpaste: null
onreset: null
onscroll: null
onsearch: null
onselect: null
onselectstart: null
onsubmit: null
onwebkitfullscreenchange: null
outerHTML: "<span>click</span>"
outerText: "click"
ownerDocument: HTMLDocument
parentElement: HTMLElement
parentNode: HTMLElement
prefix: null
previousElementSibling: null
previousSibling: null
scrollHeight: 36
scrollLeft: 0
scrollTop: 0
scrollWidth: 1443
spellcheck: true
style: CSSStyleDeclaration
tabIndex: -1
tagName: "SPAN"
textContent: "click"
title: ""
webkitdropzone: ""
__proto__: HTMLSpanElement
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thanks for the info. Very useful. I'm going with the above though, cause "this" is what helped me solve my problem. – frequent Oct 11 '11 at 9:11
As far as I'm aware chrome no longer prints DOM elements out like this when using console.log. You have to use console.dir instead. – Astridax Nov 4 '14 at 16:59 returns the node that was targeted by the function. This means you can do anything you would do with any other node like one you'd get from document.getElementById

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" returns the node that was targeted by the function. This means you can do anything you would do with any other node like one you'd get from document.getElementById"

I'm tried with jquery

var _target =;
console.log(_target .attr('href'));

-> return an error : .attr not function

_target.atributes.href.value -> it's work.

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