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Basically, I have an application that I plan to update for the next year or so. However, with the updates I would really like to have the source in 1 location and then have a demo build if you will? Is there a way in and visual studio to say

If FullVersion Then
    Do Full Version Thing
    Do Demo Thing
End if

I dont even know what to ask really, but I hope someone can translate my request into a good lead for me to pursue the answers.

Thank you!

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go through lena's reversing for newbies here you can't beat a craker anyway. But sure protect them from newbies :). You are creating something called crippled applications that is easy to break by just setting a bit to true/false at run time – Deeptechtons Oct 11 '11 at 8:54

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Look at Conditional Compilation:

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If you use the "static code" approach (i.e. 1 demo app and one full both), it could look like this: #If FULL_VER Then Do Full version Thing #Else Do Demo version Thing #End If You define compilation constant (i.e. FULL_VER DEMO_VER) yourself when you compile. – JBB Oct 11 '11 at 8:59

I've used Rhino Licensing in the past which I believe supports different licensing levels such as Demo, Full, Premium etc. I just used it to support a licensed / not licensed model though. Bear in mind anything like this is crackable, but it's certainly a road block for a lot of people.

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