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I want display properties in HTML/XML via jsp. Like as:


I created extended class of properties, MProperties, but how can I create getters in that class for my properties?

BR Kolesar

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Normally .properties files are represented as a map, so you'd need to provide getters for map keys and use those in your expression. AFAIK the ${...} are readonly, so you don't need a special setter here. –  Thomas Oct 11 '11 at 9:07

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you can create class to handle your properties with constructor like

private Properties props = null;

    private MyProperties() throws IOException {

        FileInputStream propFile = new FileInputStream(FULL_PATH);
        props = new Properties(System.getProperties());

        RegistryManager rm = RegistryManager.singleton();
        rm.addRegistry("MyProperty", this);

public static MyProperties Singelton() {
        synchronized (MyProperties.class) {
            if (theInstance == null) {
                try {
                    theInstance = new MyProperties();
                } catch (IOException e) {
                    throw new MissingResourceException("Unable to load property file \"" + FULL_PATH + "\"", MyProperties.class.getName(),
        return theInstance;

and than get properties by one method like

public static String getProperty(String propertyName) {
        String value = Singelton().props.getProperty(propertyName);
        if (value == null) {
            LOGGER.warning("propertyName (" + propertyName + ") not found in property file (" + FULL_PATH + ")");

        return value;

finally in code you can call only

String desiredProperty = MyProperties.getProperty("propertyKey");

some code is missing and some you maybe wont need but you should get the idea if this is what you wanted to do...

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You can use store(Writer writer, String comments) method in Properties class. Write your properties to a StringWriter and use String from it to print on the HTML.

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${yourObject.properties.propertyOne} works. Properties extends Hashtable implement Map and ${map.key} gives you the value under that key. But you are not supposed to use a setter from a JSP, so this is only for display purposes.

But you can't access it directly from a static field. You have to add it to some context - request or application. For example, in a ServletContextListener.contextInitialized(..):

servletContext.addAttribute("yourProperties", MyClass.properties);

(then you'd have to map the <listener> in web.xml, of course)

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If you extended Properties, you probably know exactly which fields you want to have. In that case, it would seem to be better to just a create a POJO (simple object) with those fields and the appropriate getters (and setters and/or constructor as you wish). If you somehow need the dynamic-ness (?) of Properties, ignore this answer.

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