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In my Rails application, when i try to submit a form from IE7 or IE8. It works as expected. But when I try from IE9, it fails.

How can I resolve this problem ?

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Took me a little while to resolve this, but it's actually down to a bug in IE9 by the looks of it. If you have a <p> tag before your form, make sure you close it with </p> before you get to the <form> tag.

Basically, closing a <p> tag is optional, and it should be automatically closed by a block level element such as the <form> tag. Unfortunately IE9 is not closing it. However, if you then have a block level element in your form (such as a <div>), the <p> will automatically close at that point. The form then becomes a child element of the <p> tag, and the div element (along with your form controls and submit button) drops out of the form altogether.

This is bad:

<p> <form> <div> Form Contents </div> </form>

which is rendered in IE9 as:

<p> <form> </form> </p> <div> Form Contents </div>

This is good:

<p></p> <form> <div> Form Contents </div> </form>

I can only seem to replicate the problem when using scripting to modify the innerHTML, but as far as I understand this is a general bug with the <form> element within IE9. Personally, I would recommend closing ALL <p> tags manually to avoid any problems like this.

Hope that helps.

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More info available here: stackoverflow.com/questions/7692565/… –  Good-bye Jun 4 '12 at 16:43

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