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I spent a bit time on this work item ( here , I called it work item ).--- How to integrate the erlang unit test in hudson?

after doing some research, I felt I found the way to resolve this:

  1. basically, write the unit test code in erl files. (using eunit )
  2. after compiling the project. generate the unit test result xml using reabr ( here, better to outside of erlang shell) . for example, by command "erl -pa dir -noshell -run module test ......"
  3. pass back the xml file , and let hudson reference to the xml file. (I found I block at here . not clear how to parse the xml file in hudson . do I need to install some other plugin in order to parse the xml generate by eunit ?)

the exports who view this question, please , please give some suggestions about these steps or show the sensible way to me.

Thanks a lot :)

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In the Hudson/Jenkins configuration, under "Post-build actions", check "Publish JUnit test result report" and specify the file names. This plugin, which is installed by default, understands the XML files created by eunit/rebar.

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1 , write ur unit test code in .erl file 2 , generate the xml file by using the header file of eunit . 3 . parse the xml file with the plugin "Junit" –  user477928 Nov 1 '11 at 7:01

Jenkins/Hudson's cobertura plugin is usefull too. See rebar plugin at

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