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I am trying to create a Facebook api for Java. Can any body suggest the code for logging a user and redirecting into my application? I am trying for past two days.

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There are already enough facebook API clients. Like restfb and spring-social-facebook which I'm using.

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I've used restfb in that past. It works really well, though I think I was using it pre-graph API. I haven't looked into spring social, though that feels a bit much if you're not into the spring framework world.. – csgeek Dec 24 '12 at 1:01

I will be biased here and say, use JOAuth 1.2.1 (not version 2 Draft, as yet):

The SO question I answered, fully explains how you can achieve this

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I'd look into Spring Social, especially if you're already a Spring user.

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The Temboo Java SDK simplifies the process of authenticating a user via Facebook and redirecting them to your application. This is done by breaking the OAuth process down into two simple steps - initialize and finalize. See here for details:

There's a working example, including source code, of Facebook login using this method at the link below:

(Full disclosure: I work at Temboo)

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