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I have setup SQL Server 2008 Transactional Replication between 2 databases. Once the replication session is complete, I want to execute a T-SQL script. Is there a configuration to setup Post Replication script or a mechanism to identify replication is complete and I can hook any script after replication is complete? In case we don't have this configuartion, can we use triggers to identify whether a table has been updated completely during replication and hence use trigger to invoke Post Replication script?

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Yes, check the @post_snapshot_script parameter of sp_addpublication, or the Properties page of the publication, under Snapshot, you'll find a section for "Run Additional Scripts" with an option for pre- and post scripts.

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Yes, I would suggest to look at data from system tables to verify details of published tables

Which objects in the database are published?

Publish DB

  • SELECT * FROM sysarticles
  • SELECT * FROM syspublications

Distribution DB

  • Use Distribution
  • GO
  • SELECT * FROM distribution..mspublications


  • USE SubscriptionDB
  • SELECT * FROM MSsubscriptions
  • SELECT * FROM MSsubscriber_info

Hope it Helps.

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