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I have a NSSavePanel and I want to handle the "Cancel" button action to prevent closing the sheet. A want to show the confirmation alert above the savePanel sheet like it is done if you want to overwrite file when saving.

What is the best way to implement this?


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Some thing like this should work for you-

- (IBAction)showSavePanel:(id)sender
    NSSavePanel *mySavePanel = [NSSavePanel savePanel];

    if ([mySavePanel runModal] == NSOKButton) {
        NSLog(@"OK selected");
    else { // cancel button selected
        NSBeginAlertSheet(@"Are you sure", @"Yes", nil, @"No", mySavePanel, self, @selector(sheetDidEndShouldDelete:returnCode:contextInfo:), NULL, sender , @"Your custom message");


For additional details you can go through this document - Introduction to Sheets

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In this case the SavePanel has been closed before alert is shown, I don't want to close the save panel... –  Dmitry Oct 11 '11 at 12:35

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