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After moving a web site to another server flash upload stopped working. After some debuging and isolating the problem I found out that in SWF file (used for multiple upload) FileReference.upload() method doesn't work. URL called by item.upload(_root.uploadScript) isn't called.

Here is the code:


listener.onSelect = function(fileRefList:FileReferenceList){
  var list:Array = fileRefList.fileList;
  var item:FileReference;
  _root.toUploadCount = list.length;
  for(var i:Number = 0; i < list.length; i++) {
    item = list[i];
    if(item.size > maxSize)
      ExternalInterface.call("tooBig", item.name);



$log = fopen('log.txt', 'a');
fwrite($log, 'Upload');

item.upload(_root.uploadScript) returns true, but log file isn't created.

CHMOD is set correctly, direct call of upload.php creates log.txt as expected and everything worked on the previous server.

Please help, I'm clueless.


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Is the swf loaded from the same domain (including sub domain) as upload.php is on? I'm thinking it could possibly be a same origin/cross domain security issue, if the move also included some changes in how the files are served with regards to domains used. –  Lars Blåsjö Oct 11 '11 at 13:57
Lars Blåsjö: Thanks for response. Yes, both SWF and upload.php are on the same domain. _root.uploadScript is relative path. I also tried it to be absolute. No effect. –  Pavel Linkesch Oct 11 '11 at 14:39

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I found a solution.

Server was returning HTTP Error 406. To prevent this behavior I needed to add to .htaccess file this:

SetEnvIfNoCase Content-Type "^multipart/form-data;" "MODSEC_NOPOSTBUFFERING=Do not buffer file uploads"
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