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To be hones working with Atk4 is a great adventure for such a rookie as I am. and now i have really a problem i can't solve by myself. I have two tables in MySQL database. The first one is named user (id, username, email) and the second one is named trips (id, user_id, name). I have made a login and register form for users. I want a logged user to be able to see it's own trips. I used to make this thing for its profile information using the following code:

class page_userprofile extends Page{
    function init(){
    $model = $this->add('Model_user');


I have to do something similar with Model_trips but I do not know what. i have tried with that example from Atk4 website:

// Traverse foreign keys. Automatically loads proper model and data

This is the last code I have written:

class page_mytrips extends Page{
    function init(){

    $model = $this->add('Model_trips');


Please help me !!!

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You are very close:

$model = $this->add('Model_trips');
$model->setMasterField('user_id', $this->api->auth->get('id'));

Afterwards you can use model inside CRUD, MVCGrid, MVCForm or MVCLister, the following rule will apply:

  • When listing, only trips belonging to current user will be shown
  • When adding, user_id will be set to current user's id

Sometimes I add function:

class Model_User extends Model_Table {
    function getTrips(){
         return $this->add('Model_trips')

Then you can make use the following.

$model = $this->add('Model_user')->loadData($user_id)->$getTrips();

Handy if you want to see other users trips.

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Thank you very much. The atk4 is a really great framework !!! – tazdevil Oct 11 '11 at 13:21

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