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I've got a container, say a Grid. It has two containers, say StackPanels.

StackPanel #1 has some rectangles. What's the best way to enable a user to drag a rectangle and drop it in the StackPanel #2 (and have that rectangle be a child of StackPanel #2).

I've got the drag bit sussed - the only thing that's unclear is whether to actually use containers or just handle all the rectangles manually in a straight canvas.

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Any updated answers? I've got the same question and am new at WPF so example code is most helpful. –  Pat Aug 24 '10 at 20:45

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As far as the logic behind actually moving the items goes, a StackPanel as a container is just fine. If you want to preview the item whilst it's being dragged, you can implement an Adorner that displays the Visual whilst it is being dragged.

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