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I've set up Google Analytics and three goals. But it seems like each goal is converted only once per visit. Is it possible to convert the same goals several times? I use an event to convert the goal and it is like a "wrote a post".

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No. It won't. Check out this helpful answer from the Google Analytics Help center.

GA will track any Goal Conversion once per visit. If you have 2 Goals set-up, one visitor during the same session can convert on both goals, and GA will count both conversions. It won't count repeat goal conversions per session (so if someone reaches your Thank You page for a Goal Conversion, and then goes to refresh the page 5 times, GA won't count 6 Goal Conversions, it will only count 1 / the "unique pageview").

There's no way around this. However, since you're tracking these events, you'll still have the raw event numbers in your event tracking report.

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