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How to compare under given two fields in rails application

  • Database1 : report_db,

    • table name : detail,
    • field : v_id
  • Database2 : gen_db,

    • table name : vulnerabilities,
    • field : o_id

Database.yml file

  • development:

    • adapter: mysql
    • database: gen_db
    • host: localhost
    • username: root
    • password: jeet
  • report:

    • adapter: mysql
    • database: report_db
    • host: localhost
    • username: root
    • password: jeet

If any gem is required then plz also mention how to use that gem in rails application

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This seems to be a similar question, which gives the option of switching connection dynamically using the establish_connection call and specifying the db connection details.

Its one way to solve your problem.

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