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I have downloaded ActiveMQ 5.5.0 and followed the instructions on this page http://activemq.apache.org/getting-started.html#GettingStarted-StartingActiveMQ to install ActiveMQ. I use Cygwin on Windows but when I put mvn clean install in the unzipped directory of activeMQ, I got this error :

BUILD ERROR Cannot execute mojo: clean. It requires a project with an existing pom.xml, but the build is not using one.

is there something I didn't catch in the instructions ?


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There are two possibilities:

You downloaded the binary distribution and not the source. If so, you do not need to build it using maven. You can start using it as documented in Windows Binary Installation

If it is indeed source distribution, when you unzipped it, it would have created a folder activemq-parent-5.5.0-source-release and inside it another folder activemq-parent-5.5.0. You would need to go into activemq-parent-5.5.0 and then run mvn clean install.

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