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I'd like to put the following in my .Rprofile:

# auto width adjustment
.adjustWidth <- function(...){
.adjustWidthCallBack <- addTaskCallback(.adjustWidth)

This will dynamically resize the max columns in my R session to be the width of the window. This works in an interactive session, but when doing something like R CMD INSTALL or a batch session I always get:

Error in options(width = Sys.getenv("COLUMNS")) : 
  invalid 'width' parameter, allowed 10...10000
Execution halted

How can I fix this? I assume the issue is that Sys.getenv("COLUMNS") is failing somehow? Is there some if() statement I could do that lets me detect if I run in batch or not? The original auto width adjustment code isn't mine, I found it somewhere else online.

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There's also interactive(), which tests whether R is being used interactively or not; e.g., if (interactive()) .adjustWidth <- function (...) etc. – user109114 Oct 27 '14 at 15:56

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Maybe wrapping the option in a try function helps:

try( options(width=Sys.getenv("COLUMNS")), silent = TRUE)
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Of course! So simple. Works great. – Chris Neff Oct 11 '11 at 11:28

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