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I want to select xml node with conditional Xpath like-

xmlnode.SelectSingleNode("if (ns:substanceAdministration/ns:consumable/@typeCode == UNK) then evaluateThisXpath else evaluateOtherXpath")

my concern is-

<drugID code="UNK">
    <sub code="2232" />

If @code of parent node is UNK then only it should take @code value of child node otherwise take parent @code value.

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This should do the trick:


It is Xpath pseudocode, change it to your library language

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drugId[@code = 'UNK']/sub/@code | drugId/@code[not(. = 'UNK')]

which could be "abbreviated":

(drugId[@code = 'UNK']/sub | drugId[not(@code = 'UNK')])/@code
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