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I want to set the condition on the Cursor that if certain data not found in the database return String NOT FOUND.

static class NoteHolder {
    private TextView noteText = null;

    NoteHolder(View row) {
        noteText = (TextView) row.findViewById(R.id.notecontent);


    void populateFrom(Cursor c, NoteHelper helper) {



MY Database Helper Code Is

    public Cursor getAll() {
        return (getReadableDatabase().rawQuery(
                "SELECT _id,Answer From Q_A Where Answer like '%"
                        + searchcontent + "%'", null));

    public String getAnswer(Cursor c) {

        return (c.getString(1));
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http://commonsware.com/warescription have a brilliant collection of books (they're not free, but the price is VERY good, plus you get free updates!)

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Very Good Tutorial For Start Database Programming...


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This is NOT a complete book. However, there is more than enough information here for you to learn quite a bit from the ~150 pages provided. It leaves out some very basic details and it also leaves out some explanations of core concepts, but it can still be a great (free) resource. I'd recommend buying the actual book, as it has helped me tremendously due to the way it presents the information. I suck at programming so I need it presented in an easy to understand way. You can still learn a significant amount with preview available here though.

edit: For a tutorial to get you going, try: http://developer.android.com/resources/tutorials/notepad/index.html

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