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I have a Symfony application configured with Doctrine, and I have designed a one-to-many relationship between two models: a Item belongs to a Customer, which is an alias for sfGuardUser.

Let's say that there are certain situations where an item does not have any customer. To test this I'm trying to make this comparison:

$customer = $this->getCustomer();
if ( $customer ) {
  return $customer->getNbInvoices();
else {
  return 'n/a';

However $this->getCustomer() does not return null or any other 'false' value to compare with, and the foreign key is set to NULL in the database.

How can I compare an object that does not store an actual value in the database?

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I think that $this->getCustomer() return a blank instance of customer doctrine_record. You can test if the customer has an ID, or you can use a method of doctrine_record class exists() :


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how about

if ($this->relatedExists('Customer') {
   return $this['Customer']->getNbInvoices();
} else {
  return 'n/a';
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