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I am Gson user (https://sites.google.com/site/gson/) and I have the following use case:

I have two pages that each retrieve JSon data as follows: One retrieves the primary key (ID) and field A and the second page retrieves the pk (ID) and field B.

I switch from one page to another according to my user need (if they need field A or field B).

Insofar as I use the same value for the @SerializedName annotation in my JPA entity, both pages return the same data...

@javax.persistence.Column(name = "A")
private String A;

@javax.persistence.Column(name = "B")
private String B;

My question is as follows: is it possible to specify the names of the JSon properties when invoking gsonInstance.toJson instead of doing this at the entity level? Also note that I need the same serialized name for both fields (A and B).


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JSON objects can not have multiple properties with same name, so your use case is partly invalid... –  StaxMan Oct 11 '11 at 23:49
Thank you StaxMan. In my case I want to use a single entity in order to get two sources of Json data. –  balteo Oct 12 '11 at 9:39
So would you want to just output value from one, but assign to both from JSON? –  StaxMan Oct 12 '11 at 18:23

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