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I'm handling user input in a WPF application, working with RoutedEvents such as MouseDown, MouseMove etc. I've got a good grip of tunneling and bubbling from MSDN's Routed Events Overview, but I've run into a problem with bubbling events.

As a MouseDown event bubbles up to a handler, MouseButtonEventArgs.Source gives me the child of the current element from which the event came. Is there any way to get a hold of the child of that element? I'm thinking something in the way of MouseButtonEventArgs.Source.Source

In this case I'd like to put my input handling as far up in my application as possible, but still get information about the initial element the event came from.

An example below: here the Grid named Grandchild is clicked, and I would like to handle the event in Parent_MouseDown(). However, in that case all the info I get about the source of the event is about the grid named Child. Is there a way to get information about Grandchild from Parent?

<Grid x:Name="Parent" MouseDown="Parent_MouseDown">
    <Grid x:Name="Child" MouseDown="Child_MouseDown">
        <Grid x:Name="Grandchild" MouseDown="Grandchild_MouseDown">

Note that this example is simplified, as in my application these elements are of different classes, and reside in different files. Thanks in advance!

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As @RV1987 suggested, the routed event args should already point to GrandChild as OriginalSource if the mouse was correctly hovered on it. –  WPF-it Oct 11 '11 at 12:33

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Try MouseButtonEventArgs.OriginalSource It always point to the original source from where the event bubbled.

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I'll give you the right answer, as it leads me on the right way. My problem now is that the OriginalSource is another element, too far down in the element hierarchy :) I'll look into which of my elements/controls sets the Source and act accordingly. Thanks! –  Tobbe Oct 11 '11 at 13:16

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