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After moving from Windows XP to Windows 7 noticed this behavior in my Flex application. In IE8 when a user clicks on a link in the SWF file it uses the navigateToUrl api to open a new window pointing to an external site. This works as expected in XP on IE8 . However in Windows 7 clicking the link will open a new tab, this new tab however sits in the background therefore it is possible that it may not be noticed by the user. Also the content in this background tab does not always load fully unless you clear the cache.

Has anyone come across this issue with Flex and Windows7/IE8? In the navigateToUrl function i pass in a param of _blank.

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Sound more like an IE problem to me than a Flex problem, that is unless the navigateToUrl is called on mouseDown and not click. Also, I would argue against the practice of opening a new tab or new window to show information. I'm also not sure what you mean that the tab 'sits in the background'.

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thanks. In the end i couldnt get to the root of the issue so decided to use the Externalise Api to call a JS function in the wrapper html class to open the URL. Although its not root cause it fixes the problem and also using navigateTOUrl was not a priority for me –  cdugga Oct 24 '11 at 19:39

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