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This might be obscure but I want to set a max value on an integer in one of my queries. Basically if the value rawsentiment is greater than 500, I just want to have it be 500 but if its less, than I want it to use that value. Would this be possible? It looks like this:

SELECT avg( rawsentiment * magic_coefficient ) FROM sentiment

But I need to do something like this (warning it looks very non-SQL like)

SELECT avg(  ( 500 if (rawsentiment>500) else (rawsentiment) ) * magic_coefficient) FROM sentiment 
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You will want to check out MySQL Least

something like (untested):

SELECT AVG (least(500, rawsentiment) * magic_coefficient) FROM sentiment
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Just add in that it would be used like: LEAST(500, rawsentiment). EDIT: Or like Haim's edit. – anothershrubery Oct 11 '11 at 12:55

you can try like :

SELECT avg(IF(rawsentiment>500,500,rawsentiment) * magic_coefficient)
FROM sentiment

using IF

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+1 Nice one, I didn't know you could do this. – James Oct 11 '11 at 12:53

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