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I tried writing the following TestCase for an NUnit test written in VB.net:

<TestCase("FirstNode", "<node id=\"FirstNode\">")>
Public Sub GetNode_GivenSomeNodeId_ReturnCorrectNode(ByVal nodeId as String, 
                                            ByVal expectedXml as String)

    (Call the method under test and request the xmlNode with the provided id...)

    Assert.AreEqual(expectedXml, returnedXml)
End Sub

The xml-node passed as the second parameter to the testcase is not valid however, as this clearly is not the correct way to escape double quotes. I'm sure I can find a workaround in order to check that the method under test returns the expected XML-node, but I'm curious:

Is there some clever way to pass a string such as this, containing double quotes, as a parameter to an NUnit test?

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The correct way to escape double-quotes in VB is by doubling the double-quotes:

<TestCase("FirstNode", "<node id=""FirstNode"">")>
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Ah, so simple! Doh! :) –  Kjartan Oct 11 '11 at 13:30

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