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I have include "content.php" that loads in "index.php". How do I redirect the include to load into "index.php" when user requests direct URL access to "content.php"?

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Some pseudocode illustrating your question, please. – Griwes Oct 11 '11 at 13:13
You should accept an answer when you are satisfied ;) – veritas Dec 2 '14 at 11:56

You can set a constant in your index.php before your include content.php; then in content.php check if it's defined. If not redirect to index.php. Example:

<?php // index.php

define('IN_APP', true);

include 'content.php';


<?php // content.php

    header('Location: index.php') 

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At the top of your content.php:

if( strstr($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'], 'index.php') != 0 ) {
    header('Location: index.php');
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You could use basename($_SERVER["SCRIPT_FILENAME"]) to find the name of the script currently being executed.

It will return the file name even if it is the index file and called with a url like this path/. $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] would return only /.

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