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How can I submit a value defined as

<input id="inputProperties" tabindex="23" class="input_enabled" 
       name="inputProperties" size="60" maxlength="80" value="" />

using something like

<a tabindex="27" class="text_warn" id="executeCR" 
     document.Form.conditionalRuleId.value=<c:out value='${param.entryId}'/>;
     document.Form.inputProperties.value=<c:out value='${inputProperties}' />;
     document.Form.executeChildRules.value=<c:out value='${executeChildRules}' />;
     document.Form.submit();" >
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Uhm...where exactly is the question in that? Please consider adding more details about what exactly your problem is. –  Till Helge Oct 11 '11 at 13:37

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I'm not sure about what you are asking.

If that <input> is inside the <form> you're submitting, it will effectively get submitted with the parameter name of the name attribute of the input.

In case the <input> is not in the <form>, you might want to include for instance a <input type="hidden"> inside the form and assign the <input>'s value to the hidden before form submission.

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