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Is there any tool that provides language recognition functionality?

Like if I input a sentence of English, it will suggest that the string may be English.

I think I need one of the following stuff.

  1. Python language recognition library.
  2. Web service that provides such functionality.

Anyone can help?

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I have used the GuessLanguage module pretty extensively. It detects 100+ languages and works really well for LONG pieces of text. English is very good. Other languages I am not sure. If you want to process short sentences at a time or tweets it is pretty bad as it was designed for doing detection on full articles.

My company (social media analytics) is currently looking for a replacement package as well and are exploring NLTK as an option.

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Have you tried nltk? See this SO question for further information.

There is also a web service from xerox which claims to do what you want.

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