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I am having a XML document objecy created on the fly. I need to validate it against Schema. I am using xerces 2. I have set features for the parser.Now i need to parse to validate the XML.

For this i need to call "parser.parse()". But parse() method takes "InputSource" as parameter. But i have Document object. How do i convert this Document object to "InputSource" for passing it to parse() method.

Can anybody help.

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ByteArrayOutputStream docOutputStream = new ByteArrayOutputStream();
ByteArrayInputStream docInputStream = new
InputSource inputSource = new InputSource(docInputStream);
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See this question to convert the Document to an InputStream: how to create an InputStream from a Document or Node

Then use InputSource(java.io.InputStream byteStream) to wrap that with an InputSource.

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You should be able to to this:

  • Create a javax.xml.validation.Schema instance based on your schema resources.
  • Create a javax.xml.validation.Validator from the schema instance
  • validate your DOM document using the validator and a javax.xml.transfrom.dom.DOMSource
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