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I'm looking to perform some basic image recognition on Android (hopefully iPhone too), recognising basic shapes and (ideally) colours. Along the lines of QR Codes (i.e. a grid of squares where some squares are occupied and some are unoccupied)

I'm not really sure how difficult this kind of task is, or where to get started.

Some advice on technologies to use, their compatibility with Android/iPhone, ease of use, and any tutorials / useful books would be fantastic.

(I did try to research this as best I could, however while finding possible technologies to use was easy, finding more detail about their ease of use and suitability for the task was far harder, and it seemed this would benefit from expert advice.)

Thank you.

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consider checking out the OpenCV project –  slayton Oct 11 '11 at 14:47
Hi, I'm aware of OpenCV's existence, however I have no idea of it's suitability for this task or it's ease of use. –  ShimmerGeek Oct 11 '11 at 14:49

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You could also take a look at this API. LTU engine / ON demand is a free API that's pretty reliable, fast and relatively easy to use.

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