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I have an Excel spreadsheet here.

What I dont know is if you look at the main grid the columns are formatted for space so that the description is larger. Now the part at the bottom left. I really want those 4 columns


I really want them aligned with the rest of the grid but how do i subdivide the large Description column to accomodate this?

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Booksman, I looked at your spreadsheet, but don't really get what it is that you want to achieve. Help me a bit here. I tried to put an image of the spreadsheet in here to make the discussion easier, but Jeff and Joel don't trust me enough to do that....... Regards, Robert Ilbrink –  Robert Ilbrink Oct 12 '11 at 16:19
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Because of your formatting in your question I can't be sure what you want, but if you're trying to line up more than one column with the Description column, just make the Description column a merge of more than one column, then multiple columns will be able to fit underneath it.

You can merge cells by selecting them, then going to Format Cells->Alignment and clicking the Merge cells box.

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