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In my project I am using a ViewScoped bean and I have two pages one is main page and the other details page.

In the main page I have a primefaces datatable with sorting and filtering functionality. The datatable has a link in each row. If I sort a column, then it works properly. If I click on a link in the main page, then it will go to the details page showing the details of the corresponding row. In the details page I have a back button. If I click on it, it will take me back to the main page, but the sort order is not retained in the datatable.

I need to retain the sort order. How can I achieve this?

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I know this question is pretty old, but I just worked on this so I figured I'd share my solution for the future.

We're using PrimeFaces 3.5

This was only implemented on a lazy loading table and never implemented on an in-memory table. The biggest difference that might exist is you would need to store the column type (Class) for an in-memory table.

First of all, you need some sort of SessionScoped controller that you can save the sort state to. You'll need to store two states: sort column and sort order (ascending/descending).

Secondly, bind the p:datatable to an object in your ViewScoped controller (binding="#{viewController.datatable}"), and implement the basic getter and setter for it. In the setter method, I have this:

public void setDatatable(DataTable datatable) {
    ExpressionFactory expressionFactory = ExpressionFactory.newInstance();
    ELContext elContext = FacesContext.getCurrentInstance().getELContext();
    if(!datatableInitialized) {
        if(getSessionController().getSortState() == null) {
            datatable.setValueExpression("sortBy", expressionFactory.createValueExpression(elContext, DEFAULT_SORT_COLUMN, Object.class));
        } else {
            SortState state = getSessionController().getSortState();
            datatable.setValueExpression("sortBy", expressionFactory.createValueExpression(elContext, state.getValueExpression(), Object.class));
        datatableInitialized = true;
    this.datatable = datatable;

The important bits are the setValueExpression lines, the second parameter of the createValueExpression method requires the JSF style expression, ie: #{pojo.stuff}. Also notice how I'm just using Object.class as the type, I believe I can get away with this because the table is lazy loaded and I'm handling all the sorting myself in the LazyDataModel implementation.

Third, add the sorting event to the datatable:

<p:ajax event="sort" listener="#{viewController.sortListener}" />

and the listener in the controller:

public void sortListener(SortEvent event) {
    SortState state = new SortState();
    state.setDirection(event.isAscending() ? "ascending" : "descending");

That's it.

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